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Although, I have yet too implement everything that Carol has shown me in the academy. I no longer feel so intimidated by my cricut maker. She has made me much more confident. Carol is a wonderful teacher.


Carol is a wonderful teacher! She takes her time and makes sure we understand what she is teaching. She also gives you confidence to open the box of whatever Cricut product you have and, actually, use it! Having all the videos saved to refer back to when you need that info is a wonderful thing too! Come and join our community!


I’ve been a Cricut owner for years and tried a few things so wasn’t a beginner. When I saw Carol’s Cricut academy i wasn’t sure if it would be too much of a beginner class but since I love her DIY group I had to try it. Oh my I have learned so much in a short time! The way Carol teaches is step by step very clear with so many tips. Her Q&A sessions are also always full of tips. And the tutorials each month are such a great bonus. I would encourage all to join - I know I will never leave.


I have had my Cricut Explore 2 for around 4 years now and only did basic things with it. Since I've been a member of Carol's Cricut Academy I have learned so much about my machine and different ways to use it .... like how to calibrate my machine ( didnt know I needed to), Infusible Ink, Print & Cut, making earrings etc. PLUS Carol is a great teacher and I've made so many good friendships in the group for everyone is so supportive, kind , loving, encouraging etc. It's one of the Best Groups I've ever been in besides her DIY Group. I'm now ready to venture out in making other things with my Cricut knowing if I have a problem Carol or other members are there to help me out. CAROL'S CRICUT ACADEMY ROCKS


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Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I really like decorating for it. It’s so easy to make these cute little gnomes out of wood blanks and this month we will be showing you how so you can add these to your fall decor!


Did you know I love gnomes? It’s true. It is a little gnome fact. I also love making cute fall decor with simple steps that don’t drive me crazy. This DIY craft is so easy, gnome body can screw it up. I promise. So since you are here, let’s get started making the cutest little guy to ever live in your gnome sweet gnome


DIY Fall Scrawcrow

Making a DIY scarecrow is easier than you think. I decided I needed something cute in my tier tray and this was the perfect fall decor!  I will show you step by step how you can make one for your home.


Dollar Tree Elegant Pumpkin

These Dollar Tree bright orange pumpkins are so fun to transform. This transformation will take a plain boring pumpkin and make it look like you bought it at a high end store! In this blog I am going to show you just how easy it is to do.



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